A community which is smaller and less organized than a city; a small municipality. A civil and political division of a state, varying in extent and importance, but usually one of the divisions of a county. In the New England states, the town is the political unit, and is a municipal corporation. In some other states, where the county is the unit, the town is merely one of its subdivisions, but possesses some powers of local selfgovernment. In still other states, such subdivisions of a county are called "townships," and "town" is the name of a village, borough, or smaller city. The word "town" is quite commonly used as a generic term and as including both cities and villages
@ town-clerk
In those states where the town is the unit for local self-government, the town-clerk is a principal officer who keeps the records, issues calls for town-meetings, and performs generally the duties of a secretary to the political organization
@ town collector
One of the officers of a town charged with collecting the taxes assessed for town purposes
@ town commissioner
In some of the states where the town is the political unit the town commissioners constitute a board of administrative officers charged with the general management of the town's business
@ town-crier
An officer in a town whose business it is to make proclamations
@ town-hall
The building maintained by a town for town-meetings and the offices of the municipal authorities
@ town house
Type of dwelling unit normally having two, but sometimes three, stories; usually connected to a similar structure by a common wall, and commonly (particularly in planned unit developments) sharing and owning in common the surrounding grounds
@ town-meeting
Under the municipal organization of the New England states, the town-meeting is a legal assembly of the qualified voters of a town, held at stated intervals or on call, for the purpose of electing town officers, and of discussing and deciding on questions relating to the public business, property, and expenses of the town
@ town tax
@ city tax
@ town or city tax
town or city tax
Such tax as a town or city may levy for its peculiar expenses; as distinguished from a county or state tax; e.g., New York City tax.
@ town order
@ town warrant
@ town order or warrant
town order or warrant
An official direction in writing by the auditing officers of a town, directing the treasurer to pay a sum of money
@ town pound
A place of confinement maintained by a town for estrays
@ town purpose
When it is said that taxation by a town, or the expenditure of the town's money, must be for town purposes, it is meant that the purposes must be public with respect to the town; i.e., concern the welfare and advantage of the town as a whole
@ town-reeve
The reeve or chief officer of a town

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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